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GODBOX Powers UE5 nDisplay Workflows

GODBOX Unreal Engine PCs

On-Set Facilities announce latest GODBOX prices and specifications for Unreal Engine 5 nDisplay workflows.

With the arrival of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) and its new nDisplay tool sets for virtual production, On-Set Facilities have released 3 new UE5 GODBOX specifications. Like all OSF machines, the new computer specs have all been developed and tested on-set by the OSF crew and are built to the latency-optimised OSFX specification. The new machines are being manufactured in the UK and USA and are now available to order worldwide from On-Set Facilities.

The new UE5 GODBOX editions manage to maintain the old GODBOX price points, but now include dual A6000 GPU’s for those interested in high resolution inner and outer frustum workflows, and are available with two CPU options. The AMD Threadripper Pro remains the UE5 GODBOX CPU of choice, with 16C and then 32C versions for powering up to 4K pixel counts to VP LED controllers. The new GODBOX computers also includes a new machine for lead stage Operators and Editors too, this one comes armed with a 32C / 64T AMD Threadripper Pro GPU and a single NVIDIA 3090 RTX GPU and all Enterprise verified RAM and system components.

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Sequencer Set-up in Nvidia Omniverse

Omniverse Bedroom Environment

NVIDIA Omniverse is the multi-GPU, real-time, collaboration development platform for 3D simulation and design. Today we’re going to focus on the Omniverse Create application and the Sequencer rendering pipeline within it.

(The extensions referenced in this article are used within Create but are supported across all Nvidia Omniverse applications)

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On-Set Facilities Joins NVIDIA Inception

GODBOX Metaverse Computers

LONDON—December, 2022—On-Set Facilities today announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data science. On-Set Facilities (OSF) are the developers of GODBOX, a general computer specification that improves the performance of real-time virtual production applications.

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AI Real-Time facial Animation in Nvidia Omniverse

Nvidia Audio2Face

Nvidia’s Audio2Face Omniverse Kit harnesses the power of deep learning AI technology to provide real-time facial animation from a single audio source. Audio2Face allows artists to simplify 3D character facial animation and instantly generate facial expression’s and reactions from voice-overs. Audio2Face also  allows users to retarget the captured animations to any 3D human or human-esque face whether realistic or Stylized.

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AI Compositing with NVIDIA BROADCAST inside Unreal Engine

What is Nvidia Broadcast?

Nvidia Broadcast is one of few software’s which provides a AI driven compositing solution to users. Nvidia Broadcast allows users to apply effects over a in-coming camera feed, in this demonstration we used the “replace background” feature allowing us to get a composite without the need of any greenscreen; the way Nvidia archives this ability is by harnessing the power of both machine learning image analysis and depth perception.

Once we have our composited green background in Nvidia Broadcast we move forwards to streaming the feed into Unreal Engine. From the real-time engine we have the ability to place the talent into any 3D environment and now aren’t limited to the previous 2D dimensions.

See below our tutorial and demonstration video:

Relevant links and software’s:

Whats Next?

Moving forward, this proof of concept has proved itself to work and now needs officially testing back in our OSF lab on a GODBOX™ with a 4K camera feed input.