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Unity Acquires Ziva Dynamics

Unity Acquires Ziva Dynamics

This week Unity acquired Ziva Dynamics as part of it’s laser-focus on democratizing tools for creators, bringing ability to all, not just the few. Ziva Dynamics is one of many to be acquired by Unity in recent months joining the likes of Weta Digital, SpeedTree, SyncSketch, Pixyz, and RestAR.

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AI Real-Time facial Animation in Nvidia Omniverse

Nvidia Audio2Face

Nvidia’s Audio2Face Omniverse Kit harnesses the power of deep learning AI technology to provide real-time facial animation from a single audio source. Audio2Face allows artists to simplify 3D character facial animation and instantly generate facial expression’s and reactions from voice-overs. Audio2Face also  allows users to retarget the captured animations to any 3D human or human-esque face whether realistic or Stylized.

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