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GODBOX Powers UE5 nDisplay Workflows

GODBOX Unreal Engine PCs

On-Set Facilities announce latest GODBOX prices and specifications for Unreal Engine 5 nDisplay workflows.

With the arrival of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) and its new nDisplay tool sets for virtual production, On-Set Facilities have released 3 new UE5 GODBOX specifications. Like all OSF machines, the new computer specs have all been developed and tested on-set by the OSF crew and are built to the latency-optimised OSFX specification. The new machines are being manufactured in the UK and USA and are now available to order worldwide from On-Set Facilities.

The new UE5 GODBOX editions manage to maintain the old GODBOX price points, but now include dual A6000 GPU’s for those interested in high resolution inner and outer frustum workflows, and are available with two CPU options. The AMD Threadripper Pro remains the UE5 GODBOX CPU of choice, with 16C and then 32C versions for powering up to 4K pixel counts to VP LED controllers. The new GODBOX computers also includes a new machine for lead stage Operators and Editors too, this one comes armed with a 32C / 64T AMD Threadripper Pro GPU and a single NVIDIA 3090 RTX GPU and all Enterprise verified RAM and system components.

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Virtual Production Features coming to Unreal Engine 5

Virtual Production Unreal Engine 5

With the upcoming scheduled release for Unreal Engine 5 we thought it a good idea to look over the new virtual production features. Looking past the obvious Nanite and Lumen game changers and focusing in on specific Unreal Engine 5 virtual production pipeline improvements and changes.

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What is Nanite in Unreal Engine 5?

Nanite in Unreal Engine 5

Nanite is the new and improved virtualized geometry system implemented in Unreal Engine 5. Nanite provides a internal format for imported meshes, creating “Nanite Meshes” instead of the previous “Static Meshes”. Through the use of new rendering technology Nanite is able to render pixel scale and high poly counts effortlessly. Nanite harnesses new Level of Detail (LOD) rendering methods which allow for differing detail and polycounts from every unique perspective.

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What is Lumen in Unreal Engine 5?

Unreal Engine 5 Lumen

Lumen is the new global illumination and reflection system created within Unreal Engine 5 to support the new generations of gaming consoles.

Lumen harnesses a fully dynamic indirect lighting pipeline which works in unison with any environments geometries, materials and light properties to provide optimized artist workflow. The optimized workflow is achieved through the full dynamic indirect lighting pipeline providing instant lighting builds and reflection captures. Lumen removes the need for reflection cubemaps, since it fully replaces other methods and is able to render geometrically precise reflections.

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