Transparent Video Brings Windows To Life

Transparent Video Brings Windows To Life

Interactive Window

This blipped up on our radar this morning, its a demo of a transparent film that is applied to windows to display video and it’s amazing. Alvyn Long of ATL Lighting Systems who posted the video on linked in said “P6.5 Adhesive video film applied to glass panel, brightness is about 2000nits here in this application, can be up to 6000nits for daylight use. The VFX content in the centre is from London based Observatory Visual Innovations, Transparent video display like this can be used for many applications such as Architecture and Retail. You can use 3D animations to give the appearance of a hologram while at the same time you can see into and out of the business. For more information on adhesive video screens you can email

Interactive retail window displays.

Interactive window displays for retail.

The Gamification of our High-streets

Just imagine mixing this technology with a depth camera, you could create a true interactive window display.

Consumers on the street would pass by the store, see something they like and bring up a video or more information about the product with the swipe of a hand. Watch this space, interactive, realtime, retail window displays are on the way.

People love to play with things, and the world needs more reasons to get folks out from behind there screens and back out shopping on our high streets. This new video display technology is sure to brighten retail experiences by making them more engaging. This can only be a good thing for everyone. What’s next? Well, we’ll be on the phone to Alvyn very soon and testing out how we can bring realtime gamification displays to retail spaces by integrating this technology into Realtime Pipeline™.



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