UE4 and Unity Emmy Win Boosts Development Community

UE4 and Unity Emmy Win Boosts Development Community

Emmy Win

Epic Games came home with a gift for everyone working in the field of realtime virtual production, with an Emmy win for Technology and Engineering. The win is well deserved recognition for all of the hard work Epic Games has put in to making their engine not just for games, with its latest release 4.22 having developed many new virtual cinematography and virtual production features.

Epic Games win Emmy

L to R: Epic Games’ David Hurtubise, Craig Laliberte, Kim Libreri, Ryan Mayeda, Ben Lumsden and David Morin at Sunday night’s 70th Annual Science & Technology Emmy Awards hosted by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

For those developing and offering virtual production solutions such as we do here at OSF with our very own Realtime Pipeline™ the win is a confidence boost. A boost not only to those of us in the solution development community, but it’s also a boost to any producers, directors and VFX supervisors who are considering a move into virtual production.

As with everything Epic Games do this award benefits not only the software mothership but the development community as a whole, now everyone in it can boast the win too.

If you develop with Unreal why not add to your presentations the fact that your solution will be built on this Emmy award winning technology.

Epic Games Emmy Trophy

At the table, Epic Games bring home an Emmy for Technical Engineering.

Unity and Unreal are both Winners

But it’s not just Epic Games who are bringing home the gongs, Unity also picked up a similar award. This means that this year the whole virtual production industry is getting a boost. So no matter which platform you prefer, either way you are now using the best of the best as awarded by the Academy. The next time you are pitching to a producer or director don’t forget to mention, if use Unreal or Unity either way your solution is now “based on an Emmy Award winning technology.”

This double win has to be a good thing for everyone working in virtual production.

“There’s never a dull moment being part of the Unreal development community, if the team at Epic are not supporting us with features they are backing us up with marketing support, and now they bring us this wonderful Emmy win that’s a sure boost to the whole community and virtual production industry” said Asa Bailey Virtual Production Supervisor at OSF.

The only question now is whats next for Unreal and Unity? What’s next for the Virtual production industry? Epic Games continues to push virtual production with the release of Unreal Engine 4.22, which brings new and developed virtual cinematography features for the industry to feast on.


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