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Unity Acquires SyncSketch

SyncSketch Acquired by Unity

Yesterday Unity Software Inc acquired SyncSketch, the real-time remote collaboration platform that specialises in global remote connectivity and productivity.

SyncSketch is the creator of several real-time synchronised global collaboration tools that allow for seamless communication across remote teams. The tools provide users with the ability to communicate and contribute on projects in real-time from any given device.

The SyncSketch platform supports both 2D imagery and video but really shines in it’s 3D collaboration. SyncSketch provides users with the ability to rotate and navigate around 3D assets, making lighting adjustments and providing natural visual communication feedback all in real-time from any desired device.

Unity acquires collaborative tool maker SyncSketch

Unity is doubling down on it’s remote collaboration offerings with SyncSketch being their second collaboration platform acquisition next to Parsec, another URL share based platform. It’s exciting to see what new features Unity will be offering it’s users with the recent acquisitions of both collaboration platforms and the Weta digital tools, that we already know are planned to move to a cloud based solution.

Read the official acquisition announcement here and head to to learn more on their platform..


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