Wrexham university adds virtual production to degree courses

Wrexham university adds virtual production to degree courses

Glyndwr University

On-Set Facilities has entered a 6 year educational partnership with Glyndwr University Wrexham to add virtual production and spatial computing modules to a number of the university’s degree courses. This move to future proof new courses coincides with the university’s £60m investment in new facilities at the north wales campus.

The Glyndwr University currently runs successful degree courses in game art and development, VFX and media production. On-Set Facilities will work with students on campus and in the studio to bring virtual production, real-time VFX and spatial application development to these courses. On-set facilities and the university will be working together through student placements and work exchange programs.

Virtual Production Director Viewfinder Moving forward, On-Set Facilities and the Glyndwr University has talked about bringing virtual production to more areas of the University. From space science to the arts and engineering, in both graduate and PHD streams we aim for students in all areas to benefit from this partnership.


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