Unreal Engine 4.23 Supports Cinema 4D

Unreal Engine 4.23 Supports Cinema 4D

With the latest version of Unreal engine (version 4.23) it’s possible to support the leading motion graphics and animation application, Cinema 4D. The new support for Cinema 4D is done by the use of a DataSmith plugin, a feature of the free Unreal studios Beta.

Cinema 4D import to Unreal Engine using DataSmith

With this new level of integration, creators can natively import .c4d files directly into Unreal Engine with support for scene hierarchies, geometry, materials, lights, cameras, and baked animations. Cinema 4D’s ‘save for Cineware’ command allows users to easily bake complex procedural motion graphics directly into real-time scenes through the Unreal Engine Sequencer cinematic editor.

The support for Cinema 4D is massive for Unreal Engine allowing us to bring our assets from Cinema 4D directly into Unreal and iterate quickly to accommodate change without the need of render times. Companies like NFL media currently use pre-rendered motion graphics on live TV which limits how much they can change there and then but with the use of Unreal Engine you’re able to edit there and then live. This will make broadcasters move to the Unreal Engine to cut out long renders for a faster turnaround.


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