Unreal Engine and Digital Domains Photorealistic Digital human

Unreal Engine and Digital Domains Photorealistic Digital human

DigiDoug Digital Domain

With Unreal Engine starting Siggraph off with a impressive line up of talks by a variety of industry leaders, one that really shocked and amazed us was Digital Domains talk by Doug Roble about digital humans and how far they have come.

Doug opens the show with his virtual twin talking before he emerges from the back. Doug comes out kitted up with Xsens a inertial motion capture suit which doesn’t require any optical camera set up its done totally over WIFI and provides all the real-time abilities as optical suits. Doug is also wearing a Cubic Motion facial tracking headset which is providing the highest quality facial tracking data and all in real-time to aid the live talk.

The quality of DigiDoug was incredible and never seen before, from the scan and model of this face to the texture it was incredible. They achieved this result by using ICT USC institute for Creative Technologies photogrammetry sphere which has hundreds of lights and cameras which show Dougs face under thousands of different light settings. This then provides them with the highest quality model to start animating and texturing further.

See the source image

For the complex animation of DigiDoug deep machine learning was required and this needs a magnitude of data to work efficiently. Dougs face was recorded with tradition motion capture for hours and this created detailed cloud maps and scans of the face which then is rendered.

The digital human still isn’t 100% finished, digital domain still want to push further forwards and fix slight problems in the pipeline like the 1/6 of a second delay between the video capture and digital human render. They also don’t want to be limited by a wire system they want to be totally free and wireless to move.

Although to think about the possibilities of this technology within film and even further in every day use is just mind bogeying. This technology is rapidly growing and unveiling new opportunities to create this world of virtual-ness. We have humans and next we’ll have pixel perfect virtual environments.


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