Unreal Engine Multi-user Editing in Virtual Production

Unreal Engine Multi-user Editing in Virtual Production

Unreal Engine have released their new Multi-user plug-in for Unreal Engine 4.23. This opens up a world of new collaborative opportunities for all industries working out of Unreal whether its helping to more impressively meet clients needs in architecture visualization or developing a more efficient pipeline crews in virtual production. The Unreal Team made a live-stream stripping down what exactly can and cant be done within the new plug-in.

The Multi-user plug-in allows multiple artists to all be working on a project together in real time. The artists are able to see each other within the world and can also decide to work within the project from a desktop or VR station. This gives artists on-set the ability to put the director into a scene to give them a real sense of the environment and allow them to make changes, the artist can be based at a desk making changes for the directors in real-time there and then. This brings even more creative freedom to the on-set crews.

The multi-user sessions are hosted off servers and can up to of 16 members on at one time. This allows full virtual art departments to be working in real-time on-set collaboratively to meet the crews creative needs. Having 16 artists working on a project at once is going to rapidly improve environment turn around times.

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The plug-in allows meshes and lighting changes but if there’s a blueprint change or object that needs changing that object has to be locked to one user while being edited. This isn’t a huge problem and Unreal are already fixing it, they stated in the live-stream it would be possible to do on the current version but isn’t stable. By the next engine update I’m sure this will be fixed.

Its great to see Epics on going support for virtual production and constant improvements to Unreal Engine. We’re all looking forwards to see what’s the next tool to be gifted by Epic Games.


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