About OSF

By On-Set Facilities

Virtual Production Company

Headed up by what others describe as the No1 virtual cinematographer and virtual production supervisor

Est 2016

As an industry leader in the field of virtual production, OSF attracts and holds the worlds best virtual production talent. Our Virtual Cinematographers, VP Supervisors and Crew provide productions with a full range of virtual production services from pitch to screen.

OSF also develop and deploy OSF virtual production tools and pipelines, such as the latency optimised ASUS GODBOX computer and StormCloud remote production VPN. 

Our customers include the worlds biggest entertainment studios, as well a marketing communications networks and leading brands. 

Our scope of work includes embedding techno-production ideas into every department, from the Writers Room to the Production Executive floor, we enable our clients to use virtual production as a way to overcome creative challenges, expand possibilities, reduce production waste, and improve production efficiencies.