Made with GODBOX

Virtual Production Supervisors

YGG Thailand approached On-Set Facilities with the challenge: “Build a green screen and LED virtual production stage” Virtual Production On-Set Facilities.

Camera Tracking Services

Virtual Production Studios by 80six. Production Team: RSA Films Final Pixel On-Set Facilities Lee Lighting Services Ltd.  Director Juriaan Booij.

Virtual Production Directors

Hogarth Worldwide approached OSF with a challenge: “How can we produce a global campaign during a global pandemic”? Virtual Production Director Asa Bailey.

On-Location VFX

VFX Supervisors approached OSF with the challenge: “Can we visualise real-time VFX out on location”? GODBOX Tracking Truck. Virtual Production: On-Set Facilities.

On-Set VFX Previs

Deathtrap Dungeon is an interactive movie, On-Set Facilities deployed GODBOX on-set to provide real-time composited virtual sets and VFX. Virtual Production Supervisor Asa Bailey.