Virtual Production Computers

GODBOX™ virtual production computers and servers

GODBOX™ is a highly integrated computer system with built-in features for virtual production and real-time VFX. They offer low-latency data transport with unrivalled connectivity and reliability both on-set and in the cloud.


With up-to 8TB of RAM and 128 cores and the lowest latency possible, GODBOX™  brings super-computing on-set.


NVIDIA certified media servers powered by the latest AMD architectures keep your frame rates high and your system stable.


With GODBOX™ tested configurations, ready to run out the box, GODBOX™ media servers are trusted on-sets worldwide.


On-set and in the cloud, GODBOX™ media servers provide verified power and performance for real-time virtual productions.


GODBOX™ media servers run native open applications without tech lock in. You choose your pipeline.


Designed for easy upgrade, support and expansion, all GODBOX™ servers and workstatioons are guaranteed for 3 years.