Virtual Production Plugins for Unity

Virtual Production Plugins for Unity

These unity plugins are useful for anyone looking to build tier own VP pipelines using the Unity 3D engine as their development platform.

The alternative to Unreal Engine, Unity has some very good things going for it. It’s early VP focused build was and has been adopted in many studios and the Unity development community has been busy too. Here are a number of third party Unity plug-ins for virtual production that are certainly worth looking at.

Here are some of the plug-ins we use in our Unity virtual production pipeline developments.

Make your LED look better with CTAA V3 Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing.

LED Virtual Production

Director of Virtual Production Asa Bailey.

You can basically use this to make your LED panels look that much better, smoother, less game like with complete HDRP support. It’s a VR Ready Cinematic temporal anti-aliasing solution.

Download– From the Unity Marketplace

With a single click achieves true Next-Gen Cinematic Render Quality in Real-Time. Offering an inherent film realism quality CTAA enhances game graphics without compromising performance and artifacts found in other solutions. No Unnecessary and Detrimental post sharpening filter required, CTAA always maintains clarity and crispness when stationary and while in motion.

Set up your camera frustum with Cinema Pro Cams – Film Lens & 3D Toolkit.

Unity Camera

A professional set of cinema lenses that have had their lens intrinsics virtualised and turned into a set of virtual lenses. This plugin adds cinematic lens data to aid VP developers in creating virtual cameras.

Download– From the Unity Marketplace

Cinema Pro Cams is a Unity plug-in that adds a toolbox to aid in the creation of accurate, real-world cinematic/film cameras inside of your Unity or project (Unity 5 , 2017 or 2018 and above). The perfect tool for game developers or film professionals who want to make sure their projects have that Cinematic look and feel of real world film lenses that will help to further immerse the player or viewer in your story.

Point Full-Screen display output to any screen using Editor Window Fullscreen

Sustainable events

Pop your editor window to any device including your phone, tablets or to your LED processor without leaving the editor. Boost your productivity by full-screening your favourite editor windows on your secondary screen at the touch of a button.

Download – From the Unity Marketplace



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