Virtual Production Spectrum

Virtual Production Spectrum

The arrival of Realtime Virtual Production comes thanks to the advances in realtime technologies, a shift to GPU enhanced hardware and software and the ever increasing convergence of digital technologies. To better understand the potential scope for the development of Realtime Virtual Production methods, OSF created the Virtual Production Spectrum.

Virtual Production Spectrum

The Virtual Production Spectrum is a tool that shows the scope of virtual production as a way to creating final-image-quality 2d and 3D content in realtime. All shots in RVP fall somewhere on the Virtual Production Spectrum. OSF

At one end of the spectrum you have 100% physical production, when shooting 100% live action. In the middle you have Augmented or Mixed Reality, this is where virtual production methods combines live action elements with virtually created elements (realtime VFX, virtual sets, realtime animation etc.) On the far right of the The Virtual Production Spectrum is Virtual Reality, this is where the final image is created as a 100% digital image, in realtime.

Since the birth of the film, filmmakers have sought out the most fantastic filming locations and used mechanical and practical effects to tell their stories. On a virtual sound stage, any real-world location can be pre-captured and then digitally recreated, as a photorealistic virtual set.

By combining live action with mixed reality and virtual reality on a virtual sound stage, Virtual Production methods and realtime graphic systems are today capable of producing final-image-quality footage for a number media and entertainment applications.

Realtime Virtual Production combines the best of live action, mixed reality and virtual reality to enable limitless story telling opportunities.


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