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Virtual Production Studios Open in London

Virtual Production Studios

On Monday, On-Set Facilities open a new LED virtual production studio in South London’s Abbey Wood. The new studio underwent total renovation by the studios management team, including new floors, styling of production offices, green rooms and wardrobe facilities.  On the tech side the studio has a permanent install of 1.5 and 2.6 pitch LED walls that run 10Bit HDRI 2D video and 3D real-time rendered environments. Available as a wet and dry hire, the studio offers both on-site and remote virtual production supervisors, trained VP crew and services.

Seeing a big uptake this year, in the adoption of virtual production by creative agencies and brands. OSF have designed this high-resolution LED studio to cater for shooting in-camera VFX for car driving scenes, and intimate interior scenes. Crews shoot tracking shots as well as the content for the LED walls out on location, and then come in to the studio to shoot car interiors and pick-ups. All in the comfort and convenience of London’s newest virtual production studio.

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