By On-Set Facilities

Crew Representation

On-Set Facilities are recognised for providing the best virtual production talent and technology.

Talent + Technology = Solutions

OSF virtual production crews enable productions to use virtual production technologies and methods.

Virtual Production Supervisors

Head of Department

What we do

We are responsible for a productions successful adoption and use of virtual production. We exist to propose ways of using virtual production to solve production challenges and improve creative possibilities.

Camera Tracking Technicians

Ncam / Mo-Sys / Vicon

What we do

We track cameras for real-time in-camera VFX and we record the camera crews performance as 3D animations, with lens RAW data and lens distortions all saved for off-set archive and post production.

Stage Operators

Unreal Engine

What we do

We carry out calls from the crew in the shortest time possible, operating real-time applications on-set. We are responsible for recording in-engine shot data and making minor real-time changes to virtual sets, assets, lighting and real-time VFX.

VP Technical Directors

System Integrators

What we do

We are responsible for the virtual production systems technical integration, operation and stability, we know how to get all the parts in your virtual production system talking to each other, synced, calibrated and ready to shoot.