Virtual Production Systems

GODBOX systems

OSF supply studios, sets and stages with complete virtual production systems. Battle tested with pre-configured GODBOX™ servers and workstations, components and worldwide shipping, remote instalation and support.



GODBOX™ computers provide reliable on-set computing.

GODBOX™ Computer



Installation, training and support from certified product specialists.

Arri Signature Prime

Prices exclude VAT. Example MatteView™ real-time compositing system
with one year On-Set Support™ SLA.

Move between LED and real-time chromakey in-camera VFX

OSF turn-key virtual production systems drive real-time rendered, HDR, 4K images to LED walls and fixtures; and record real-time composited VFX images for UHD broadcast and on-set previz when shooting on green or blue screens.

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Roe LED Floor Ladder


The complete XR stage for under £1m

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OSF turn-key virtual production systems

Shoot in real-time

Full spectrum AR/VR shooting with in-camera VFX and onboard broadcast quality real-time recording.

Broadcast Quality

Full UHD 4K system recording broadcast UHD 422 10bit video files with up to 2TB camera operated onboard recording.

On-set VFX

Set your look on-set with built in HDRI 4K broadcast quality monitoring for on-set grading and real-time compositing previews.

Unreal Engine / Unity

Record all take data, camera tracking and lens data in-engine  and output CG real-time rendered background plates at up to 8K.