Virtual Production Tech Company Raises Funding

Virtual Production Tech Company Raises Funding

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We are pleased to announce that On-Set Facilities™ has raised funding from Clwstwr an ambitious five-year programme to create new products, services and experiences for screen. Already in use by major studios and productions worldwide the funding will enable On-Set Facilities to develop it’s OSFX on-set operating system and deliver even more powerful and reliable computing on-set.

Virtual sets used for a TV commercial connecting crew and talent across Europe and the USA.

On-Set Facilities develops solutions that combine hardware, software and networking to bring production crews together on both physical and virtual sets. This is called virtual production and it is being rapidly adopted at all levels of the production industry. Coupled with a range of powerful OSF production edge computers, designed to deliver low-latency on-set computing power for real-time VFX and virtual production, OSFX StormCloud is a multicast VPN for virtual production designed to provide accurate, low-latency transport of video and data that aims to answer the technical challenges of real-time virtual production, at the computing level.

Working with Cardiff University and On-Set Facilities, Clwstwr will build on Wales’ success in making creative content by putting research and development (R&D) at the core of production. “We want to create a culture of innovation in the cluster which will move the screen sector from a position of strength to one of leadership, internationally.” With Clwster funding the Welsh technology company On-Set Facilities aims to further develop it’s OSFX operating system that aims to become the worlds most reliable and powerful computing platform and connecting the companies leading edge production systems, globally.

For more information contact the OSF team.




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