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Vive Tracking Plugin Unreal Engine 4.27

HTC Vive Tracker

In Unreal Engine 4.27 there’s the new LiveLink plugin, “LiveLinkXR” which allows users to bring in live data of trackers and HMD’s. The XR plugin currently only supports SteamVR but any VR devices connected can be imported. The plugin is extremely straight forwards to use just simply add an XR LiveLink source and select the desired devices (HMD, Controllers and Trackers) and see the green light confirming the engine is receiving live data.

See below our XR Plugin walkthrough for Vive Trackers:

Using Vive Trackers without a Headset:

By default, you cannot use the Vive Trackers without an HMD. This selection walks through the unofficial workaround which will allow you to use Vive trackers without an HMD within Unreal Engine 4.27.

Step by step Guide:

  1. Install Steam and SteamVR
  2. Locate the following file on your computer: <Steam Install Directory> /steamapps/common/SteamVR/drivers/null/resources/settings/default.vrsettings
  3. Open the original default.vrsettings file in a text editor.
  4. In the driver_null object, change the enable property value from false to true.
  5. Save and close.
  6. Locate the following file: <Steam Install Directory>/steamapps/common/SteamVR/resources/settings/default.vrsettings.
  7. Create a backup of the default.vrsettings file.
  8. Under the steamvr heading, change the requireHmd setting to false.
  9. Under the steamvr heading, change the forcedDriver setting to "null".
  10. Under the steamvr heading, change the activateMultipleDrivers setting to true.
  11. ave and close the default.vrsettings file.
  12. Launch Steam and SteamVR.
  13. Because you have altered the SteamVR settings, you may need to run the Room Calibration setup again.
  14. After completing Room Calibration, relaunch SteamVR and you should be able to track devices without the need for an HMD.

See here the official Epic games walkthrough and XR LiveLink documentation.

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  1. How do I set up Vive pro eye to track my virtual characters, including facial and body animation?

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