What Does Virtual Production Mean For Filmmakers?

What Does Virtual Production Mean For Filmmakers?

Mixed Reality Green Screen Virtual Sets

Virtual Production (VP) is changing the way we make films television and digital content. Unreal Engine has registered uevirtualproduction.com and redirected it to new portal that looks at how UE is being used to create real-time virtual production.

Virtual Stage Sets For Film & TV

Virtual Production, mixing real props with virtual sets © Curtesy of OSF Madrid.

Take a look at OSF work in virtual production

Virtual production fits into two camps, first its an advanced pre-vis tool a way for directors and crew to previsualise digital assets on set, including virtual sets, character animations, and effects on-set with real actors and props.

The developing area of virtual production is in real-time production, this is where live action plates are composited with Virtual Engine generated sets, effects and animation to create finished shots.

Adding on-set post production, film and content production times and therefore costs can be reduced by employing realtime virtual production methods. Above are two examples produced in OSF studios. Find out more about OSF Virtual Production, Real-Time VFX and On-Set Post Production Facilities Click here.


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