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What’s happened to the OSF Blog

Quite a few people have asked – what’s going on. And we appreciate that some of you will be looking for information that we may have previously hosted on our blog. Don’t worry it will be back, just as soon as we can scrape it from the old database.

But we needed to make some serious changes to bring our web site into line with the rest of our technology, and to tug the sails, getting ready for where we are headed. We have some really cool landmark announcements in the coming weeks. And truth be know, we really did need to sort our web presence out. Including investing more into our online community commitments, but we want to stress, it’s all amazing, and all for the better. So please stick with us.

If you have followed our story, we want to thank you for your support and from the comments we have received. Especially encouraging are the ones about how important our blog has become to some of you. We want to assure you, all the information is coming back, rewritten and updated. If you want to know when new posts go live, follow our social media channels, Linkedin and facebook mostly, we’ll drop links to these new updated articles as they come out.

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