What you need to see in Siggraph 2019

What you need to see in Siggraph 2019

What you need to see in Siggraph 2019 

With the annual Siggraph computer graphics conference coming up on the 28th of August, its time to see who’s going and what they’re everyones doing. This year is a very exciting one for Siggraph with the recent developments in virtual production and computer graphics. This year we’ve seen new technologies emerge from every angle from realtime RayTracing to deep learning in VFX, theres a lot to cover this year.  

Which stands are a MUST see? 

The biggest and best technology companies will be attending Siggraph from Unreal Engine to digital domain, everyones there. This can be a little overwhelming with only 5 days to see everything. Well heres our guide to Siggraph: 

Mo-Sys Engineering

Mo-sys engineering is one of the leaders in camera motion tracking and they’ll be demonstrating a range of different realtime virtual production tools during Siggraph, from their StarTrackers to virtual hand-wheels 

The team from Mo-sys will be showcasing their virtual production tools through a live action performance equipped with Xsens motion capture suits, StarTrackers, virtual Hollywood hand-wheels and a viewfinder all tracked with StarTracker technologies. The show will highlight all the benefits of each tool from the freedom provided from virtual viewfinders and accurate tracking from StarTrackers. 

Virtual Cinematography

The performance will be directed by Asa Bailey, one of the most experienced virtual production directors who’s spent 400+ hours shooting on virtual sets in his 25+ years of production. Asa will be navigating through the set with a view finder connected to Virtual camera within Unreal Engine. 

Unreal Engine 

Unreal Engine are always a MUST see in Siggraph for a multitude of reasons from theres in depth talks to after hours events. Unreal will be having 12 speakers throughout Siggraph, on a array of subjects and developments from the engine. 

Some of the speakers we’re most looking forwards to are: 

  • Tim Sweeney – The founder and CEO of Epic Games, Tim started Epic in 1991 and has led it through the eras of PC, console, and mobile gaming, and is now looking forward into the emerging worlds of free-to-play, virtual reality, and augmented reality. We’re excited to hear what Tim has to say about the future of Unreal Engine and which directions he wants unreal to grow. 
  • Kim Libreri – Kim is also a big name everyone wants to see, Kim is quite the rockstar to the virtual production industry with his success on over 28 movies all with impressive VFX including the legendary Matrix. We’re hoping that Kim is going to shed some light on what might be coming to the engine in the next year for virtual production. 
  • Matt Workman – Matt is the founder of Cinematography Database and will be talking on how he uses Unreal Engine to help forward his vision of future cinematography. 

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Unreal is hosting an event in the Orpheum Theatre on Monday on the 29th of July. Where you’ll be able to have drinks and network from 3pm before speakers at 4pm from company like ILMxLAB,Walt Disney Imagineering, Digital Domain, The Third Floor, Cine Tracer, and more. 


Nvidia is another enterprise that has a great presence and atmosphere at Siggraph and is definitely worth a visit. Nvidia has its own Innovation theatre this year and will be hosting talks from there, teaching several topics all to do with computing.  Some examples of this are: 

  • Ray trace gems
  • Data science and future of Compute 
  • The future of xr 
  • Real time and raytracing on the edge

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Nvidia is hosting loads of talks on main stages as well, here’s some that really caught our attention:

  • Joe Stam – Joe is an established engineer at Nvidia and will be discussing deep learning and how it can be optimised for realtime rendering and content creation. It’ll be interesting to hear how deep learning can be turned to content creation and speeded realtime renders. 
  • Daniella Costa – Daniella from Marvel studios will be talking on the progress of realtime AND photorealistic humans is coming along. We want to know when we can be expecting digital humans on our screens from this talk. 
  • Den Ring – Den from the Foundry will be announcing the ML-server from foundry which is designed to allow a sandbox for deep learning to be used with VFX tools. 

Theres also many more companies which are going to be promoting their new emerging technologies. Siggraph is the place to be this week and the perfect opportunity to network with your piers within a range of industries, so get chatting!


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