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Workstation Specialists On-Set Facilities Workstation Power at Home

GODBOX Computer Desktop Workstations

The thing is, with cloud computing your power is miles away in a data center, that’s not great for latency, and GPU VMs (virtual machines) are very expensive to rent. When you want to go to work using VR/AR and especially if you want to collaborate in real-time, you need power.

This is a barrier for designers artists and developers who need access to GPU accelerated computing. To be able to freely work up their design iterations, ideally at the lowest design iteration cost. Especially as more and more creative work moves online and collaboration for many locations becomes the new norm. Enter the OSF GODBOX Pro Workstation range, the latest range of professional workstation from the team at On-Set Facilities.

Threadripper Pro Workstation
More power than other OEM builds, the GODBOX Pro Workstation comes as standard with a 2000W PSU.


The GODBOX Pro Workstation uses the latest Threadripper Pro CPU, chosen for its high efficiency and green credentials, plus the fact that the 8 lane memory set-up gives the fastest memory access times in the industry for lower latency and faster draw calls, one win for OSF is that the GODBOX is the first workstation on the market to be able to take advantage of all of these memory lanes.

GODBOX Powers Unity, Unreal Engine, Omniverse

When you are working in the metaverse, headsets-on, designing away with your colleagues, the last thing you need is jittery graphics. The AMD Threadripper Pro workstation from OSF packs up to 2TB of ECC RAM and comes in a number of pre-built configurations and a custom build service, all of them designed to power virtual production in real-time creation engines. Built in collaboration with the development teams at NVIDIA Omniverse, Unity and Unreal Engine, and heralded as the workstation computer for working in the Metaverse.

Prices for the new GODBOX Pro Workstations with Windows / Linux starts at £5995 that are expandable with up to 4 x double width NVIDIA Ampere RTX GPUs. Base models come with 32 / 64 and 128GB or ECC RAM (2TB max RAM), 4TB or 8TB of HDD storage and a 1TB system drive. Like all OSF machines, the GODBOX Pro has been developed with professional performance in mind, both on-set and live. To this end OSF up the power, quite literally by providing all GODBOX Pro Workstations with a 2000W PSU, and the whole solution is enterprise validated at the factory, an important point for on-set use by the major studios and VFX facilities, who all have a responsibility to insure (bond) productions. If it’s good for the studios it’s good powering virtual production from anywhere.

GODBOX Pro Workstation
GODBOX Pro Workstations From £5995



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