Your very own XR Stage

Your very own XR Stage

StageCloud™ XR Stages

Virtual production technology company On-Set Facilities™ have integrated StageCloud™ the worlds first sub £1m complete LED XR stage solution for filming in-camera VFX using tracked cameras and LED.

Aimed as a complete package for companies looking to own their own XR stage to shoot stills and video content the StageCloud™ solution is a complete 7m x 4.4m LED cave set up with ROE LED Diamond 2.6mm pitch walls, LED floor, Brompton Processors and a complete computing platform running Unreal Engine running on OSF Godbox™ computers.




OSF Founder and Virtual Production Supervisor Asa Bailey said “LED prices are still too high for many companies, but as with all digital technologies, LED prices will come down, especially as LED manufacturers will look to widen their markets, we predict this will bring LED and StageCloud™ technology to many more companies over the coming years.”

OSF see their cutting edge developments in virtual production similar to developments in Formula E racing, where developments trickle down to consumer electric car production. Bailey goes on to add “in time, we hope that our stage technologies will revolutionise how we interact with the metaverse as we enter an age of immersive experiences, StageCloud™ will bring immersive computing to every room”.




But for now, using StageCloud™ companies can invest in their own XR studio, to shoot on 3D rendered virtual sets. Any location dynamically displayed, matching any camera moves, bringing real-time  ion-camera VFX to entertainment of marketing content alike, only virtually.

As real-time rendering engines such as Unreal Engine become even more capable of rendering photorealistic graphics, more and more content producers will capture real-world environments and spin them up on an XR stage. Bringing any outside location indoors and by extending the LED stages physical area, using virtual set extensions generated in a game engine, potentially massive 3D virtual sets can be created.



Support for StageCloud™ is provided by OSF’s own worldwide network of engineers supported by additional crews from component manufacturers and VP crews. Already orders for the new StageCloud‹™ XR stage package are coming in, with the solution proving popular with companies in gaming, fashion and interiors. The first installations of StageCloud™ are set to role out in the first quarter of 2021. Anyone interested in owning an XR stage can email the StageCloud™ design and sales team at





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